We stated that transparency comes first for the Mirror Finance team! Here is a detailed report of our tokenomics and token listing details for our investors:

Tokenomics (Updated on 4th December):

Total Supply: 15,000 MIF

Circulation Supply/Marketing: 3,000 MIF(20%:Uniswap listing marketing)

Master Reserve Liquidity Pool:6,000 MIF(40%:Locked for 6 months)

Ecosystem Development Fund:3,000 MIF(20%:Locked for 4weeks from the contract release date)

Staking Rewards&Incentives:3,000 MIF(20%:Locked for 2weeks from the contract release date)

Uniswap Listing Details:

Uniswap listing date: 5th December 2020 (18:00 UTC)
Listing price: 1 ETH= 150 MIF

Token Address:

We will add 20 ETH/ 3,000 MIF liquidity at the first stage. The liquidity will be locked for 2 months right after the Uniswap listing.

We will add at least 100 ETH more once our staking platform goes to live.

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